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How to Find Discount Codes for Almost Everything You Buy Online

How to Find Discount Codes for Almost Everything You Buy Online

In an era where online shopping has become increasingly popular, consumers are constantly seeking ways to secure the best deals and discounts. One of them is finding discount codes.

However, finding a valid discount code can be a daunting task, as it is often difficult to locate a valid code, especially for certain stores.

Aktug Dogan, an online shopping expert at Refermate, shares valuable tips and tricks on how to save money on online purchases via discount codes and how to find codes that work.

1. Check Out Coupon Websites 

A good option for finding discount codes is to find a reliable coupon website and search for codes there.

“Coupon websites are not all perfect. You’ll find different discount codes listed on different websites. 

You’ll also come across expired coupon codes or codes that are not valid for specific items. 

It’s important that you bookmark reliable coupon websites for convenient access for the future,” says the expert. 

2. Install Browser Extensions

To save time looking for coupon codes, consider installing a browser extension that automatically searches for available discounts. 

Extensions are plug-ins that you can install on web browsers like Edge or Chrome, which help you to find promo codes when shopping online. 

“Browser extensions are a good option for saving time. You can visit the store in your browser and search for ‘coupons’ and select an extension that is popular and credible. 

When you’re shopping on a website, these extensions will pop up a window and try to find a coupon code that works,” explains Aktug. 

3. Download Apps of Your Favourite Stores

Another good option is to download the apps for each of your favourite stores and sign up for any rewards programs, as this might give you access to more in-store and online deals.

“The apps will feature exclusive discounts and coupons that are unavailable elsewhere. The rewards programs not only provide opportunities to benefit from in-store deals but also allow you to accumulate points. 

These points can be combined with coupons to maximise your savings even further” the expert says.

4. Talk to Customer Service 

Many people who negotiate for purchases in person forget the possibility of negotiating online. You can initiate a conversation via the chat box on the retailer’s website and ask for a discount.

You can receive a discount sometimes by simply asking a customer service agent about any discount codes available. 

“When you’re talking with a customer service agent online, inform them that you’re checking different websites and looking for the best deal. 

Nowadays retailers provide discount codes to prevent customer loss and motivate them to complete their purchases on their website,” describes the expert.

5. Abandon Your Shopping Cart

Online retailers closely monitor your activities and witnessing the loss of a potential customer, especially if they filled their shopping cart, is their worst fear. 

In order for this method to be effective, you should log into your account so that the retailer knows who abandoned the cart. You should then add the items to the cart and leave the website. 

After a couple of days, check whether the store sent you an email requesting you to complete the purchase. If the email contains a coupon code, consider your attempt successful. 

6. Sign Up for Store Newsletter 

By subscribing to the newsletters of various stores, you can frequently obtain a discount code. Retailers try to motivate customers to join their newsletters by providing discount codes.

These codes are personalised and will give you a discount only on a single purchase. 

To avoid overwhelming your primary email account, the expert recommends setting up a secondary email account for receiving newsletter emails.

7. Use Social Media

You can follow your favourite brands and retailers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on their latest promotions and exclusive discount codes.

Keep an eye out for posts, stories, or tweets from these brands, as they often share special discount codes or limited-time offers for their followers.

“Engage with the brand’s social media content by liking, commenting, and sharing, as companies may reward active followers with exclusive discount codes or giveaways.

Explore social media groups, communities such as on Reddit, or hashtags dedicated to sharing discount codes, where users often post and exchange valuable codes they have discovered,” the expert notes.

8. Try Coupon Phrases

Using common coupon phrases can help you discover hidden or exclusive discount codes. 

Many online retailers are aware of these common coupon phrases and use them to promote their discounts. 

You can increase the likelihood of finding active and valid discount codes by including such common phrases.

For example, the coupon phrase ‘OFF’ is the most used coupon code in the UK, with common variations, such as 10OFF, 15OFF, 20OFF, and so on. You can google search websites that curate the most common coupon phrases, and some of them do this for each retailer.

9. Be Understanding and Patient

Sometimes you have to be understanding and realize that discount codes have various limitations, including expiration dates, brand-specific restrictions, and single-use restrictions.

It is also possible that your purchase did not meet the code’s requirements, such as reaching a minimum spending amount. 

“Remember that each retailer has their unique coupon strategies, which can vary on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

That’s why it’s important to be patient and try different techniques. You should take advantage of the discounts available, as shopping online is competitive,” the expert suggests.


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