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Must-have features in a family car  

Must-have features in a family car  

If you’re a parent with young children, you’ll know the importance of having the right features when it comes to your family car.  

Starting or extending your family can often mean you’ll need to change your vehicle to a more practical car that prioritises safety features.  

If you’re considering investing in a new family vehicle, there are a few factors to consider:  

Reliability and fuel efficiency 

family car features

A reliable car is a must when you have a family and it makes sense to choose a vehicle that’s high on fuel efficiency to save costs and time spent at the fuel pump.  

Choosing a make and model with less expensive parts can save money in repairs should something go wrong. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of reliable second-hand cars to choose from and it’s easy to browse vehicles at your local used car dealership in and around Yorkshire.  

Advanced safety features 

While car and road safety is always a priority, it becomes even more so when you’ve got small children in tow. You’ll need to look out for features such as:  

  • Advanced airbag systems: new technology means airbags can now respond to how severe a crash is. 
  • Collision warning: this can alert a driver to a potential collision based on movement, speed, and sensors that track vehicles in front.  
  • Automatic emergency braking: these systems can help slow a car down based on the collision warning.  
  • Blind-spot monitoring: these can detect when there is another vehicle in the driver’s blind spot and can signal an alert.  
  • Lane assist: this can monitor the car’s road position and alert the driver if they veer out of their lane.  
  • Rearview cameras: these can help drivers park and reverse safely, especially in low light conditions.  
  • Adaptive cruise control: this feature automatically adjusts the speed, depending on the car in front and the speed limit.  

Spacious interior 

Plenty of room is essential when you have a family. Large boot space is ideal for accommodating pushchairs, sports equipment, and luggage when travelling.  

Backseat space is also important, especially if you have multiple children. This can mean extra comfort and (hopefully) less arguing.   

family car features

Entertainment and connectivity 

It’s no secret that children get bored on long car journeys so look for vehicles that include rear-seat entertainment, Bluetooth connectivity, and modern music systems. 

Child seat installation 

It’s a legal requirement for children to use a car seat so you’ll need to make sure that there are accessible points for ISOFIX or similar anchors. Choosing a vehicle with wide rear doors can make it easier to install child seats and for your children to get in and out.  

It might seem there’s a lot to think about when choosing a family car but by taking into account these features, you’ll be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable driving experience.  


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